Business Maven Puerto Rico Retreat

A holistic retreat for women who are ready to transform their world

October 10 -13, 2016


Do you spend your days feeling overwhelmed and burned out?

How do you feel when you wake up each morning?

Are you excited to tackle the day ahead, excited to keep living your dreams?

Or would you give anything for another hour to hide in the dark and sleep, hoping it will bring you the refreshment and restoration you desperately need?

When was the last time you invested in your own dreams and goals?

Do you know what you want to do?

Do you know who you are / who you want to be?

It’s time for you.

It’s time for you to take a deep breath.

It’s time for you to take a leap forward.

Join me, Brooke Wartell, and energy coach Jen Poulson, for an event that will transform your tired life into a life filled with passion, direction, purpose and strategy.

What's included? 

Level 1 The Desire Map™, facilitated by Brooke, covering these areas: 

  •  LIVELIHOOD & LIFESTYLE career. money. work. home. space. style. possessions. fashion. travel. gifts. sustainability. resources. business. 
  • BODY & WELLNESS healing. fitness. food. rest and relaxation. mental health. sensuality. movement.
  • CREATIVITY & LEARNING artistic and self-expression. interests. education. hobbies.
  • RELATIONSHIPS & SOCIETY romance. friendship. family. collaboration. community. causes.
  • ESSENCE & SPIRITUALITY soul. inner self. truth. intuition. faith. practices.

 Group energy coaching throughout

  • Identify and eliminate your conscious & subconscious limiting beliefs

Business Building Series Sessions 1 - 5

  • Discovering your strengths and strategic partnering
  • Branding & brand culture: Letting the story unfold
  • Developing and leveling up your online presence
  • Tech tools, CRMs, systems, and organization
  • Sales is not a four letter word

Paddle-board excursion

  • achieving balance on a board is both visually stimulating and empowering (maybe we will get to see a manatee)


  • self care, get grounded in your body and process the transformation of this experience

Beach excursion - soak up the sun or relax in shade

  • You will have the opportunity to swim in the Atlantic - no worries, it's warm!   

Professional pictures of you

  • Leave with a fresh set of head shots for your business and blast out this next version of you

Your hotel  

  • Check in: Monday, October 10th at 3:00PM
  • Check out: Thursday, October 13th at 12:00PM
  • It's a beautiful place to accept miracles. 
  • The Monastery Art Suites is an architectural gem centered in historic Old San Juan. The whole property has been restored and modernized. We're a quick ride to the beach and walking distance from views that never quit.
  • Restaurants and local attractions are steps away
  • Don't worry about your bags or transportation because we're handling all of that for you


  • We're going to make it fresh and light and include as many local and organic ingredients as a possible. If you have certain dietary restrictions, please let us know. Ahh, and don't forget we're going to have fresh coconuts! 

Extras Included

  • Round trip to and from airport transportation included
  • Rest and reflection
  • Networking and community building, think sisterhood
  • Good vibes and tan lines

Take a chance

Meet the speakers


Brooke Wartell, Desire Map Facilitator

Maven and co-founder at

Mother, wife, sales professional, certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and licensed facilitator of The Desire Map™ by Danielle LaPorte. 

Her corporate experience and training includes technology start ups to Fortune 500 specializing in retention, account management, sales, customer service and team building. 

She is a motivated problem solver and strategic risk taker. In her free time she likes to get her dose of sun and sea. 


Jen Pouson, Energy Coach

Jen Poulson is a certified Energy Coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs overcome the common blocks and challenges they face in building a successful business. Her purpose and passion is to help others recognize the truth of who they are and what they are capable of so that they can achieve success. Jen believes that the only thing standing between you and accomplishing what you want is negative subconscious beliefs. In both her personal life and her business, Jen has experienced over and over again the process through which energy healing transforms dreams into reality. Hundreds of clients have praised the work that Jen does as “beautiful,” “simple,” “incredible,” and “liberating.” What happens when working with Jen and her team will change your world.

April Williams, Entrepreneur

A Creative momista Soulpreneur of 2 boys + whimsical wavemaker + creative expressive + Texas country girl + branding junkie who loves green mint tea + horses + fuzzy socks + surrounding herself with high achieving amazing women + peppermint anything + the color red + cozy coffee shops.

She is a branding strategist for creative women entrepreneurs and founder of Creative Brandista™ .

I know you're wondering what it'll be like. I recorded this video to share my vision to you..


Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States. With all the modern conveniences of your hometown in the US combined with the cultural flavors of a Caribbean Island, Puerto Rico has something for everyone's taste. 

Warm sun, blue skies, and an ocean you can swim in year-round makes this a destination to revisit. 

With incentives for entrepreneurs and a warm culture of hospitality, Puerto Rico is the #1 place to launch your startup.  In October after the retreat, I plan to launch a startup company with my husband from the shores of the beautiful island of opportunity. 

In a landscape and culture that will challenge your senses, this is the perfect place to launch the next version of you and your business! 

Are you ready? Click below and add this adventure to you shopping cart!

See you soon! 

This could be your room... book it now!


This women's only retreat is an all-inclusive experience for the mind, body, and soul. This is real talk with real women who share the same challenges that you do. I'll take care of you the same way you take care of your family. 

It's authentic and you aren't going to to raise your hand to ask a question, I'm going to ask you what you need and how we can serve you while your here. You'll make real connections - this is a sisterhood.   


The Desire Map™ combined with energy coaching is powerful. As we become clear on what we want to create in the different areas of our lives, our stories, our fears and limiting beliefs begin to show up. Having group energy coaching done while going through this process will put you in the fast lane of creating and launching what you desire. 

My intention is to facilitate an experience that will feed your soul, expand your energy, and support your own journey of self-discovery.

You will unearth your Core Desired Feelings (CDFs), clear mental/emotional/energetic blocks, and transform limiting beliefs.

A holistic retreat for women who are looking for solutions to the everyday challenges of wanting it all..jpg


When you experience the clarity and freedom that comes from clearing your limiting beliefs, you are also going to want to strategize how to level up your business. 

The business strategy series will introduce you to solutions to the everyday challenges of running a business, taking care of customers, and growing your sales. Through intense, inspiring mastermind business building sessions, you will achieve clarity about your next steps to start and/or transform your business.



The Puerto Rico Retreat is your solution to the need for ultimate self care, inspiration, and massive action. As women we play many roles on a daily basis and I know you take care of your family and your business like a boss. When was the last time you invested in your own self care with the same commitment and integrity that you invest in others around you? 

The truth is your business, your family and your community will receive an Return on Investment from your attendance. You'll be refreshed, prepared, rested and ready to rock when you head home to transform or create a life you love. 

I have one rule: come as you are.

Take the leap - invest in yourself and your dreams.

The world needs you. 

My Story...


I found myself stuck in a life I didn't want. 

It all looked great on the outside. 

I had retired at the top of my game from a career as a software sales professional. 

I launched my own business.

I went through the journey of carrying and giving birth two more times. We moved to a prestigious gated community, in a home we built from the ground up. I picked everything out myself - right down to the door knobs.

We had money. We had good health. My husband came home from the office on time every day. Everything was perfect...

But I felt like I was screaming on the inside. 

My husband asked me one day,

"What do you want?"

That was the catalyst for me. What did I want? I had to really search to figure it out. 

I found the Desire Map™ process, and it helped me to really clarify how I thought and felt about the world. For the first time, I was able to recognize what motivated me, and I could make changes in my life to reflect that and increase my happiness. 

I started to pull the things I loved most closest to me. I began homeschooling my children. 

I dove into the holistic health world - I became a health coach and started drinking green smoothies after years of unhealthy habits. 

I joined an MLM company and got into essential oils. 

Little by little my life transitioned. 

I had never considered working with women before; suddenly I found myself in a community of healthy, holistically-minded women who were strong, confident business owners. 

Then Jen Poulson entered the scene. Working with Jen gave me the opportunity to work through my limiting beliefs in ways that I didn't know were possible. 

The warrior soul in me didn't like that my mind was hung up on past traumas, "mommy and daddy issues," or any of the things that can commonly leave a residue in our subconscious minds. 

Every session with Jen led my life to change in ways that were unimaginable.

I started investing in myself and creating the life I wanted. I moved my family to Puerto Rico and everything changed for us. We wake up every morning to the sound of ocean waves outside our windows. We walk to school and the office. My kids go to an amazing school. My husband and I are launching a business together. 

The same shift can happen for you. 

Come to Puerto Rico.

Join Jen & I for 3 days in the best, most productive, most authentic girl's camp you can imagine. Come be pampered and cared for. Come power through the Desire Map™ process. Let's figure out together what you're mission is, and let's have Jen break through the limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating your dream and taking your business to the next level. 

Let's add some business strategy and structure to your business. 

When you experience The Puerto Rico Retreat with an open heart and mind, I guarantee you won't be the same when you go home.

You'll be a renewed, refreshed version of yourself - one who has a crystal clear understanding of who you are, what you want to create, and how to do it.

Miracles are going to happen.jpg

What will be your story? 

Will it be one of a champion who took a risk and showed up to do the work that has to be done?

Will you choose to leap forward even though this could be the craziest thing you've ever done? 


Yes, you will. 

See you soon, I can't wait to meet you!!  



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